First Online Chess Championship

First Online Chess Championship

Chess Championship


As an initiative from Al-Rissalah International Schools to encourage online activities, the first online Chess Championship has started in the schools for all stages from grade 4 to grade 12 (boys section).

50 students participated in the contest and were distributed into 2 major groups:

1. Primary school group (grades 4-6)

2. Secondary and intermediate schools group (grades 7-12)

First round results:

1st place: Mohamad Nour (grade 9)

2nd place: Mohamad Mahmoud (grade 8)

3rd place: Adam Mutlaq (grade 10)

4th place: Hamza Awad (grade 11)

Semi-final games:

Mohamad Nour VS Adam Mutlaq

Mohamad Mahmoud VS Hamza Awad

Primary Stage

First round results

1st place: Ibrahim Al-Aylah (grade 6)

2nd place: Majed Al-Najar (grade 6)

3rd place: Kareem Shaheen (grade 5)

4th place: Moawiya Al-Atrash (grade 6)

Semi-final games:

Ibrahim Al-Aylah VS Kareem Shaheen

Majed Al-Najar VS Moawiya Al-Atrash